Brooke USA On The Road

About Brooke USA's Sunset Polo and White Party Special Edition: Latin America

March 11, 2021 with Host Julianne Neal Season 2 Episode 2
Brooke USA On The Road
About Brooke USA's Sunset Polo and White Party Special Edition: Latin America
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In this special edition of Brooke USA On The Road, it's all about the polo! In this salute to the Brooke USA Sunset Polo and White Party Special Edition: Latin America, podcast host Julianne Neal speaks with four polo influencers to learn more about the sport, while previewing aspects of the upcoming fundraising event.

Gil Johnston, Brooke USA Board Member, is a British-born horsewoman, breeder and steeplechaser. She has been a part of  the Honorary Committee responsible for planning the Brooke USA's Sunset Polo & White Party for several years and her commitment has led to the event's financial growth. Gil is a great supporter of equestrian sports and charities across several disciplines, including polo and show jumping. She is also Vice President of the Polo Training Foundation.

 Tareq Salahi is an award-winning entrepreneur, travel, tourism and marketing expert, winery owner, television personality and top-rated social media influencer. He also just so happens to be a top-notch polo player! Tareq serves as the Ambassador and Team Captain of the International Polo Tour, traveling globally representing luxury cruise lines while bringing the love of the game to a wider audience.  He is passionate about advocating the sport of polo, supporting polo clubs, events and organizations worldwide.

Hope Arrellano is a fourth-generation polo player and the youngest woman to ever win the Women’s U.S. Open. Her father, Julio Arellano, was the highest rated American Polo Player for many years.  At the age of 13, Hope was the youngest player to win the 12-goal USPA Pete Bostwick Memorial tournament with her two brothers and her father, making it a meaningful family event. Not only is Hope a Brooke USA Ambassador, she is also a Global Brand Ambassador for the U. S. Polo Association.

Dawn Jones is one of the most influential women in polo, both on and off the field. As the founder of the Women's International Polo Network, she has been able to support such goals as encouraging clubs to create women’s tournaments and garnering support from the Associations and Federations within the sport  In addition to her successful career as a stills photographer and camera operator in the motion picture industry, she also serves as a Celebrity Ambassador for Brooke USA.

The mission of Brooke USA is to significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and the Caribbean by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need. This is accomplished through a holistic approach to funding which includes capacity building, sustainability programming, female empowerment and international advocacy. Brooke USA raises funds to support a wide variety of programs for working horses, donkeys and mules to help them become (and remain) healthy and happy, now and in the long-term, which also benefits the poor families who depend on those animals to help them earn a living. For more information visit

To learn more about podcast host Julianne and her partner Bruce Anderson, visit or tune in to "Whinny Tales: Horse Stories, Pony Legends and Unicorn Yarns," the official podcast of The Marley Project, an equine and arts-based 501 (c)(3). The Edge, a documentary about their work, is available on The EQUUS Film Channel and on their website at  Julianne's production work can be found at She also hosts and produces the EQUUS Film and Arts Fest Podcast.

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